All our practical classes are open to both horse owners who simply wish to learn for their own and their friends animals who learn alongside professionals in the horse industry who wish to add to their toolbox. Class attendees have existing qualifications as diverse as veterinary through bodywork, there are also trimmers, dentists and riding instructors/trainers for Equine Touch™ is fully compatible with their work.

Of course we also have our own very structured ‘Professional Route’ that leads to a practitioner diploma. The practical element of learning is exactly the same in all cases but to become a practitioner there is a great deal of home study between levels covering Anatomy and Physiology, Theory of Equine Touch™ and the recording of Case Assessments which differ at each level of learning. A practical assessment must be attended at each level and finally, once all the Level 3 work is completed and a Final Practical Assessment has been attended and passed with the Equine Touch Foundation, the last papers on theory, anatomy and physiology and an essay along with Case History studies will be gathered into a portfolio and submitted alongside the previous levels for final assessment. A Practitioner Mentor guides students through the learning.

On successful completion of the track, liability insurance must be obtained to allow professional practice.

More information may be obtained by applying for the Practitioner Route Information Guide

NEW FOR 2017

Equine Touch Level 1 is also available in a NEW format – overall content is exactly the same but with the standard 3 day course being split and taught as two 2-day courses.

ETF feel that by introducing the new split class, Equine Touch will be even more attractive and accessible to the horse owner, since it was to them that ET was originally meant to appeal.  During ET Level 1 Part 1 Introductory Foundation course, students will be taught the basic skills which form the mainstay of every ET session, as well as learning about the ethos behind what makes ET tick.  Part 2 teaches additional skills to support the basic work of Part 1.  Part 2 will normally be scheduled 8 weeks or so after Part 1. Some students may feel Part 1 is all they want to learn and can attend Part 2 sometime in the future if they change their mind.  NB For students wanting to register on the Practitioner Route, both parts need to be completed before home study can begin. 


Part 1 – 2 days  Cost £200
Part 2 – 2 days  Cost £200


3 days – Cost £320 100_0942

Students are introduced to the move, practicing on each other before transposing these basic procedures on the equine. By the end of the course the student will be able to carry out a full basic body balancing routine and be able to apply six Area of Concern procedures. A detailed user-friendly manual is provided which contains diagrams, photographs and instructions on how to perform all foundation procedures.

Upon completion a certificate of attendance is issued.


3 days – Cost £320 UK001

After refreshing and fine tuning the basic body balance the student is then introduced to several new advanced procedures designed to address areas of concern both on the horse and the human. The student is also introduced to an advanced body balance. A very detailed manual is provided and an attendance certificate issued on successful completion.

Level 3   ADVANCED CLINIC       Practical class

2 days – Cost £250100_1219

Prior to attending the Level 3 practical clinic the student must be comfortable to demonstrate expertise in both basic and advanced body balances without learning aids as a full review of both balances plus all the area of concern procedures learned to date, (and a good many new ones!), are taught by two UK instructors specifically nominated by Equine Touch Foundation. The class is fast paced and will lock into place all the jigsaw pieces from previous levels.

Level 3   ADVANCED CLINIC       Theory class   (Taught by Ivana)

3 days – Cost £375100_0016

This clinic is taught by Equine Touch Founder Dr Ivana Ruddock and is specifically designed to help students understanding of how foot balance, teeth, saddling, nutrition, training and the rider’s imbalances can affect the horse and consequently the Equine Touch bodywork as it is performed. This class is mandatory for those studying on the Practitioner route but is also open to anyone who wishes to have the knowledge and understanding simply for their own horse.

During the lectures students will gain more understanding when and how to use of certain ET procedure, they will learn how to recognize unbalanced feet, troubled saddles or inadequate training.

Level 4   EQUINE TOUCH & BEYOND      (Taught by Ivana)

3 days – Cost £475 DSC04614

The Level 4 clinic is taught only by Dr Ivana Ruddock (DVM), the remaining Equine Touch Founder. It is mandatory for new practitioners to attend within their first year of qualification for Ongoing Professional Development. It is a suitable clinic for Ongoing Professional Development for all practitioners and in fact anyone who has completed Level 3 practical who just wants more! New procedures and ways of addressing the equine body are taught as well as giving students the confidence to really ‘feel’ what is going on in the body and to be able to take on board ‘the bigger picture’ rather than just focusing on a single line of address. This is always an ‘exciting clinic’ for although there is a manual and those procedures are indeed taught, often the method of approach can vary due to the picture that the equine subjects on the class present to us.

EQUINE TOUCH MOBILIZATION AND STRETCHING – A 1 day clinic with a qualified Instructor

1 day – Cost £130100_0124_000

The art of Mobilization,passive and active as well as Stretching, passive, active and reactive are covered in this one day intensive clinic using the unique supportive choreography and techniques developed by Jock over the years.  In 2002 as a result of an old ring injury Jock found himself in pain from a degenerative disc in his neck which caused a loss of strength and withering in his left arm and as a result had to develop a style of stretching which allowed him to continue his work in safety, not only for himself but also for the horse.  This style has been demonstrated successfully all around the world, the success of this style accompanied by Ivana’s detailed carrot stretching technique has seen the publishing of a 54 page fully illustrated manual as well as a professionally produced DVD on the subject and the creation of this one day class for interested horse owners and ET students and professionals.  In this clinic taught by Ivana and ET trained instructors the student will learn the physiology behind the joint, the necessity of warming up the horse, mobilization prior to stretching, and when to use and when not to use these procedures. No form of bodywork is complete without addressing mobilization and stretching which is a major tool on its own.

WHOLE HORSE DISSECTION class – (Taught by Ivana)

 3 days – Cost £DSCN1561

Students: The above clinics were originally designed for vets as another tool to support their licensed practice and then for owners who wished to provide a better quality of life for their horses. As the laws relating to any form of bodywork vary from country to country, state to state and even county to county. It is over to every student to make themselves aware of any legal requirement which could relate to them when using this or any other form of equine bodywork.

Practitioners: Upon achieving the status of Equine Touch Practitioner it must be remembered at all times that in order to work within the horse care world, it is essential that all qualified Equine Touch Practitioners are aware that it is their personal responsibility to be aware of the legalities surrounding their practice, laws are continually changing, amending, tightening or relaxing. Equine Touch students may not call themselves by the ‘Practitioner’ © title which is subject to copyright unless they are qualified and members of IETA. They must remember at all times that a diploma in Equine Touch is not a license to practice.


Student Feedback

Jock and Ivana did a great job of demonstrating and explaining, and their manual was helpful and understandable. I was able to immediately apply what I learned, and I learned a LOT more than I expected!

The clinic was excellent! I’m really looking forward to using this, and to the Advanced clinic

The price of this course is worth every penny and more. For the cost of ONE of my horses having 2 visits for chiropractic and acupuncture, I have learned this equally or more valuable technique that I can apply to ALL my horses, as many times as I want and anytime I want, without going anywhere! My hands are now an integral part of my ‘medicine cabinet’. Thank you so much for sharing this with us all. We and our horses are so much better off for it!

Jock is a master of intent! I have been to several other clinics but Jock and Ivana are the most sincere and professional instructors I have encountered. They are most genuine, and I love using this technique.

I love the modality and am very excited about it. It’s wonderful that it’s so gentle and fairly simple to execute. I’ve taken a LOT of different classes in massage, Reiki, TTouch, chiropractic, etc. and this is, by far, the most effective. I was pleasantly surprised to see such immediate results. This is the first time I’ve run to the barn and practiced on my own horses right away and felt confident to do so. Even though they’ve both done this thousands of times, Jock and Ivana never got impatient and were willing to show people the moves as many times as it took to ‘get it’.

There’s not too much I get excited about, but this clinic was the best! I am so grateful. I walked away with so much!

Dear Lyn, I hope you arrived well in England and are looking back satisfied. I would like to thank you very much for three wonderful and amazing days. I feel as I have learned a lot and I have a new world to discover. The coming weeks I am going to practise with our pony and certainly also with the horses and ponies of other people at our stable. Could you send me the form you have showed me? I am sure we will meet again. sincere greetings  Lia