Equine Touch Assessment & Reviews

Contact the Instructor for individual cost

Review Day (Free to IETA Members, T & Cs Apply)

Location: Starlight Cottage, Near Faringdon in Oxfordshire

Instructor: Babette Tegldal, phone 07876 381605  or email babettet@btconnect.com

Date: 22 May 2019

Review days at Starlight Cottage are infamous for cake and horsey chatter!

Review Day (Free to IETA Members, T & Cs Apply)

Location: Aberfeldy/ Kenmore, Scotland

Instructor: Audrey Anderson, phone 07795 074975 or email audreyequinetouch@gmail.com

Date: 14 June 2019

Review Day (Free to IETA Members, T & Cs Apply)

Location: near Morpeth, Northumberland   

Instructor: Chris Wyllie, phone 01670 504674 or email chris.wyllie@talk21.com asap for details

Date: Change of date to 13 July 2019

IETA Free Multi-Discipline Review Day

Location: Homeway Farm, Glastonbury    

Instructor: Lyn Palmer, phone 01458 860287 or email homewayfarm@aol.com

Date: 7 July 2019

Date: 8 December 2019

Review Day (Free to IETA Members, T & Cs Apply)

Location: Co Down

Date: 11 October 2019

Instructor: Lyn Palmer  Book with Liz Coates 07443 119928 or email ietaukandireland@gmail.com

Review Day  

Location: Roxwell, Essex    

Instructor: Kate Prowse, phone 07779 938735 or email kate@kateprowse.co.uk

Date: Contact Instructor for 2019 Dates

Review Day (Free to IETA Members, T & Cs Apply)

Location: Oasby, Lincolnshire    

Instructor: Helen Choma, phone 07745 587548 or email tomhelenchoma@btinternet.com

Date: 9 June 2019

Review Day

Location: Guildford, Co Down    

Instructor: Contact Heather McReynolds, phone (0044) (0) 77341 04566 or email info@theequinetouchireland.com to arrange date

Date:  Contact Instructor for 2019 Dates

Final Practical Assessment  

Location: Netherton Park, Northumberland  

Instructor: Lyn Palmer, phone 01458 860287 or email homewayfarm@aol.com

Date:  Contact Instructor for 2019 Dates

NEW – Portfolio Review Dates for New Equine Touch Programmes

Learners on the NEW ET Practitioner Route are encouraged to send work to their Instructor for assessment at regular intervals.  The following dates enable you to do just that:

5 July 2019

4 October 2019

17 January 2020

9 April 2020

Continuous Assessment of portfolio evidence outside these dates is not possible therefore it is important that Learners organise their time to meet these opportunities/deadlines.

Submission of your completed portfolio however can be made at any time using the submission form in your e-pack. Where the submission needs to tie in with a Practical Assessment for that Programme, it is best to contact the Instructor well in advance to ensure you are submitting in a timely fashion. (See PRIG for guidance)


Lyn Palmer, phone 01458 860287; email homewayfarm@aol.com

Chris Wyllie, phone 01670 504674; email chris.wyllie@talk21.com

Kate Prowse, phone 07779 938735; email kate@kateprowse.co.uk

Heather McReynolds, phone (0044) (0) 77341 04566; email heather@theequinetouchireland.com

Emma Overend, phone 07977 314138; email equilibrium2@hotmail.com

Helen Choma, phone 07745 587548; email tomhelenchoma@btinternet.com

Babette Tegldal, phone 07876 381605; email babettet@btconnect.com

Audrey Anderson, phone 07795 074975; email audreyequinetouch@gmail.com

Deirdre Bruce, phone 07711 394213; email deirdre.bruce@btinternet.com