Equine Touch & Equine Facilitated Learning Special Event Report

Brilliant day for us. The Equine Touch (ET) met Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) with a sharing of practice on 19 August 2017.

ET instructor Lyn Palmer introduced ET for EFL practitioners (and did some human body balances); then took ET practitioners for their Ongoing Professional Development. Whilst Paintedhorse introduced EFL to ET practitioners; then explored Equine ReWilding with the EFL group. We had an absolutely brilliant day, thanks to all who attended, beautiful energies, minds and hearts.

This was Logan and Epona’s first workshop with people and it was just heartwarming to watch them interact with you. If you couldn’t make today but are interested, Lyn’s workshop dates for Level 1 Equine Touch are on her website (uk.theequinetouch.net), and for those interested in Equine ReWilding our taster sessions are on our website https://paintedhorse.org.uk/.


Lyn Palmer It was really a brilliant day – we learnt a lot from each other and laughed even more – we have so much in common! The EFL people nearly all had herds of horses working for people – I think we will see more than a couple of people from yesterday attending ET classes in the near future to learn to support their horses in their work 🙂

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