Equine Touch Practitioner Route Training

In January 2018 ETF announced that it will be reviewing the Equine Touch Practitioner Route Training programme.  Students already registered and active have the opportunity to complete under the current system but must re-register their intent to do so by 31 March 2018.  If you have not received the email notices inviting you to do so, Equine Touch practitioner route students should contact Liz at ukcentre@theequinetouch.com asap to get the re-registration form.

This review aims to bring the programme in line with current educational guidelines and as we don’t envisage changes in the practical structure, students can continue to enjoy learning and developing their technique.  Never time or experience wasted! 

When a revised practitioner training programme becomes available for new registrants, we will let you know. 

It is business as usual with our Course Schedule – nothing has changed there as all our courses are open to members of the public wishing to learn the Equine Touch to help and support their own horses and for our students to continue adding to the skills they have already acquired. 

“The Mission of The Equine Touch ™ Foundation is to improve the quality of life for horses by educating as many humans as possible in the discipline of The Equine Touch ™” Jock Ruddock Newsletter, June 2004  

In the early days, the focus was to encourage horse owners to learn this technique to work on their own animals.  In 2018 we are using the opportunity to return to our roots and to promote exactly that!

All enquiries and bookings welcomed. 

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