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Welcome to Dynamic Body Balancing for Dogs© or as we call it at Equine Touch Foundation, The Canine Touch©


The Canine Touch© was developed, researched and choreographed by MVDr. Ivana Ruddock as a result of being influenced by the human and equine bodywork principles pioneered by her husband Jock Ruddock.

The moves and procedures while appearing similar in some ways to those set out in the Equine Touch™ differ to a recognizable degree in practice taking in the uniqueness of the predator as opposed to the horse or other prey animal.

The dog for instance does not have the ‘fly swatter’ reaction that is evident in the equine. It does not have the muscle mass resistance that is evident in the human and equine client as well as many other automatic symptoms, reflexes, responses and behavioral identity traits that humans and equines respectively exhibit.

The emotional aspect of the dog as an individual must be taken into consideration and this can alter from breed to breed. Each dog has its own genetic character established as a broad base prior to developing its own ‘caninality’.

The unwritten owner influence also must be taken into consideration at all times especially in the cases where it may be considered that emotional problems are the source of the problem.

The moves and procedures illustrated in the instruction manual cover the general body balancing of the dog as well as ‘area of concern’ procedures

The Canine Touch© is a non diagnostic discipline and should be applied with no other guideline than observation of the dog’s discomfort as a guide.

Practice has shown that at the first session dogs may walk away from the practitioner mid–session, however the experience gained over the years has shown also that once the dog adjusts and accepts the program they very often return for, and sometimes even demand, regular Canine Touch© tune ups.

In legal definition the Canine Touch© is a non diagnostic, non invasive, gentle hands on discipline that works at a complete holistic level, in that it addresses the dog as a whole without any particular focus on any individual problematic areas of the body. Applied as a wholistic address the Canine Touch has a profound effect upon the canine from the cellular to the whole, inducing relaxation and balance with the purpose of assisting the dog to reach the ideal state of homeostasis.

While in homeostasis, the dog’s innate healing ability is able to work at its maximum. In this ideal state the flow of Ki is encouraged, stress reduced and the relaxed animal is able to address problems at various levels.

The Canine Touch has also been shown to be an aid to local circulation of the blood and lymph and is an excellent booster for the immune system as when circulation is enhanced this encourages detoxification of the system.

Due to the fact that in many countries, the veterinarian laws state that anyone other than a licensed vet who ‘treats’ an animal is a criminal, it must be firmly established in all students minds that the Canine Touch© by legal definition is not an alternative to orthodox medical treatment, or by definition a therapy as such and must not be used to ‘treat’ any specific named disease, illness or injury.

The Canine Touch, the book that everyone has waited for is at last here. Hardcover, beautiully bound and presented. The Canine Touch is more than just a book, it is an entire course, an educational journey, and a self- learning experience which when combined with Canine Touch DVD which accompanied it will give Dog Lovers throughout the world the long awaited gift of at long last being able to help their four legged friend.

The Canine Touch Book and DVD are available through the manager at the Equine Touch National Coordination Center UK (NCC). E-mail: theetcentre@aol.co.uk  or may also be purchased from qualified ET Equine or Canine instructors.

The prices vary from country to country due the the ridiculous cost of post and package.