NEW Equine Touch Practitioner Route

ETF UK are delighted to announce our new Equine Touch Practitioner Route Training has been approved by LANTRA and is now open to new registrants.

What’s New?

ET Courses have been renamed but the practical content remains unchanged.

  • ET Level 1 becomes Foundation
  • ET Level 2 becomes Intermediate
  • ET Level 3 becomes Advanced

The method of assessment has changed from marks and percentages to continuous assessment bringing us in line with National Standards.

Find out More about ETF Training Below

How Do New Students Register?

It is standard practice for students to have attended a Foundation Course before registering – see Schedule Page

The Practitioner Route Guide (PRIG) is issued after the course giving full details of how to register and everything you need to know about the training involved.

Students who have already attended the Level 1 Foundation course and would like a copy of the New Practitioner Route Guide, please contact

NB The Independent International Practitioner Route has not changed – students in Holland, Germany, Denmark, Czech and Spain will continue to work with their current system, albeit with the new course titles.

What Makes Learning ET Special . . .

A perfect example of how one of our most recent students became involved in Equine Touch and the effect it has had on both her and her horse.

Written by Foundation Level Student Lauren Moss

I brought a very broken down thoroughbred at the beginning of June 2018.  I hadn’t yet seen him and didn’t know of his issues.  When he arrived and walked off the lorry it was apparent what a mess he was in. He had severe atrophy, ulcers, an unhealthy hind gut, and a fungal infection over his back and hind quarters that he had had apparently for two years running. His body was so tight and tense he could not bear you to touch him.  He was so very depressed.  And then to his hooves – under run heels, deep central sulcus infections, seedy toe – was anything right with this horse? I knew there and then I was committed to helping this horse and re named him Chance. At 19 years old and 17.2hh it was quick to see how sweet and wise this boy was and I knew every step would be worth it and together he would teach me something new! Two weeks later I found myself emailing Babette Tegldal and this is where the real journey with Equine Touch begins!

I’m driving down a beautiful road in the Oxfordshire country side, nervous at what lay ahead. Am I really capable of learning Equine Touch? Will I make a fool of myself? My mind so full of self doubt. Knocking on the door nervously a smiling Babette opens the door wide, as wide as her beaming smile and open arms. I felt instantly at ease, negative feelings being quickly replaced by positive ones. Going through in theory what we would be learning that day I felt slightly over whelmed and frightened of getting things wrong.  But as the weekend progressed, under Babette’s gentle guidance which filled you full of confidence and hope, I was ready to practice on my horses.

Feeling excited about what I had learnt but keeping in mind to take it slow with Chance, I thought I would just start with the branding. that is feeling and checking him all over, I was surprised at how quickly he began to relax, it was as if he knew what I was going to do and was ready. Gone was the suspicious horse. I was amazed at how quickly he relaxed licking and chewing, I thought it would take me a few practices to get any real responses, even more so with me being so new to Equine Touch. I was totally shocked and blown away at how much I had learnt and was able to apply and help my horse after the two day course. Instantly after our first basic body balance (BBB) Chance was looser, his frame was longer and some of the emotional trauma had seem to have gone and to top it all it had cemented our relationship and trust with one another. I felt I was able to give back to this horse so much that had been taken from him over the years.  I had fallen in love with Equine Touch at Babette’s. Furthermore, I knew then and there I wanted to become a practitioner.

Soon after lots of practicing on Chance and my 32 year old Shetland (who was sold on the idea of Equine Touch very quickly) I was able to start my case studies. I quickly arranged to see a friend and her lovely Mare Kissa who had some lameness issues and issues with stable kicking and general unhappiness in the stable. Her visit from the vet hadn’t gone well, due to Kissa kicking out at the vet and not allowing the vet to even get close. Driving out to visit it her, the prangs of self doubt crept back in; am I really capable of helping other horses? Arriving, I took some long, deep breaths knowing feeling anxious will not help me or the horse at all, and walked over to Carol who had Kissa ready. I introduced myself to Kissa as I do all horses and quietly set about branding and really giving my intent to Kissa that I was there to help. She instantly relaxed into the BBB and half way through let out two huge sighs. Carol her owner was very quiet throughout the whole BBB. Then she piped up at how relaxed she felt and how shocked she was that Kissa had stood so still and relaxed and let me so trustingly work with her. Success, hurrah!

And so my journey with Equine Touch continues, with each step filling me with more self confidence and self belief and setting me on the path of my passion which is horses!

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